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Neil Gorsuch nominated by President Trump to serve on the Supreme Court… constitutional scholars rejoice

A strongly conservative judge already serving on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has just been nominated by President Trump to fill the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy left by the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Neil Gorsuch was chosen by Trump during a live Facebook announcement that drew over 200,000 live viewers.

“He is a man this country really needs to serve the rule of law and the rule of justice,” said President Trump, who praised Gorsuch as a defender of America’s liberties and constitutional law.

Neil Gorsuch will now, of course, be maliciously attacked, slandered, defamed and lied about by the unhinged left-wing “fake news” media that has adopted a mission of “destroy America at all costs.” The left-wing media has zero credibility remaining after waging a campaign of deliberate lies and defamation attacks against Donald Trump.

Constitutional scholars, meanwhile, rejoiced at the pick of Gorsuch for the SCOTUS. Known for his literal reading of the words written in the U.S. Constitution, Gorsuch is likely to carry the torch of Antonin Scalia in defending the Second Amendment, school choice, freedom of speech and other pillars of our free Republic.

In addition to publishing in order to bring the world honest news that the “fake news” media refuses to report, I am also dedicated to covering Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings and achievements once he begins to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Watch for the launch of in the coming days.

Remember: The mainstream media will fabricate total lies to try to smear Gorsuch. Only the independent media will report the truth. Check back at for updates during the confirmation hearings.


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